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INSIGHT Range of Wireless Lighting Controls 


Lighting Control System

System Overview

The Insight Lighting Control System comprises of a number of specialist products that interact to provide a cohesive system that operates lighting in multi-storey and Underground Car Parks. The products are wireless and ideally suited for retro fit installations due to the minimal disruption caused during the installation process. The control system is configured only to operate the lighting when the Car Park is occupied, either by pedestrians or by vehicular movement. By turning off the lights when they are not required, substantial energy savings of up to 50% can be made. The Insight Control System comprises of the following products:


Product Types: 15M, 40M Passive Infra Red Wireless Sensors either Curtain type or standard type


Product Ref:    INS15M




Product Description:

The Insight wireless range of PIR (Passive Infra Red) detectors have been designed to meet the newest and most demanding requirements of the CCTV and Control Systems market. These detectors provide the versatility of wireless whilst meeting and surpassing the requirements needed for a BS8418 system.

Inside the PIR is a powerful microprocessor which uses a combination of fuzzy logic and look up tables to determine the validity of anactivation. With this technology nuisance alarms are greatly reduced.

The PIR also contains a shock sensor and light sensor to enhance its anti-tamper features which now include physical attack and anti-cloaking. A thermal sensor adjusts the parameters of the PIR in extremes of heat and cold to maintain optimum performance.

Currently three popular lens patterns are available to cover most situations. A standard 15M lens covers vehicle movement, whilst a 15M curtain sensor detects pedestrian movement. A 40M lens will detect vehicles entering a car park from a long in ramp. When occupancy is detected, the PIR sends a one second pulse signal to the receiver unit which then decodes this and provides a signal to the Oracle II controller. Each PIR is uniquely addressed using DIL switches within the unit, therefore the receiver is able to determine exactly which detector has sensed movement and provide the appropriate signal to the control system.

The PIR continuously poles in to verify that it is operational. Every time it transmits it also sends other information such as battery condition as well as pulse count settings and software revision number.

The PIRs have an active range of up to 2Km depending upon the installation. Where this range is insufficient, a INSR repeater can be utilised to increase the effective operation of the system.

Product Type:  8 Input/8Output Wireless PIR Receiver


Product Ref:    INSR8OUT


Product Description:

The INSR8OUT Relay Unit provides a simple interface from the wireless PIR units to the Oracle II™ Wireless Lighting Control Unit part of the Insight range of controls. This unit has facility to monitor up to 8 PIRs and has 2 modes of operation. Option 1 gives the facility to monitor 4 PIRs and will provide 4 movement detected Outputs plus 4 tamper outputs. Option 2 allows 8 PIRs to be monitored and provides 8 movement detected outputs without tamper alarms. DIL switches set the different modes.

Each PIR is uniquely addressed via a set of DIL switches. These addresses set a number of parameters:


        Unit Code - Individual PIR address (1 – 8)

        Site Code - Receiver address to which the PIR reports to

        Subnet Code - Allows individual sites to be split via a repeater



The Receiver also has an addressable site code which is matched to the PIRs that will be reporting to it, such that a repeater with site code 4 for example will be able to communicate with PIRs with unit codes 1 – 8 and site codes 4. Should more PIRs be required in an area, an expansion module is available that is wired in tandem with the receiver allowing an extra 8 sets of inputs. More than one of these modules can be connected to the receiver should there be an inordinately large amount of PIRs necessary to monitor.

There is no limit to the number of INSR8OUT units that can be used on any one system.

The INSR8OUT will re-transmit any incoming data which can then be received by a Walk Test Indicator. This unit provides details of the PIRs that are being activated, signal strength, tamper alarms, cloaking alarms and battery status. The Walk Test unit is generally used as a commissioning and maintenance tool as the full status of each PIR can be ascertained without dismantling the unit.

Product Type:  Intelligent Car Park Lighting Controller


Product Ref:    ORACLE II


Product Description:

The Oracle II Energy Efficient Lighting Controller has been designed specifically to meet the needs of controlling lighting levels and switching lighting within Multi-storey and Undergound Car Parks. The controller operates as the command centre for the Insight range of wireless PIRs and receiver/transmitting devices so that this suite of products forms a complete lighting control system.


At the heart of the Oracle II controller is a powerful microprocessor that has been specifically adapted to the requirements of the lighting control system. Facilities are available to program the system via a Laptop or PDA to adapt to the specific requirements of each individual Car Park. The Oracle II Controller is supplied as a single board which is then mounted within a proprietary steel enclosure for maximum security and safety. Ingress Protection (IP) rating will vary on the type of enclosure provided but is typically IP64.

The Oracle II Controller is provided with 20 digital inputs for receiving information from the Insight range of devices. 19 intputs are dedicated to information received from the PIRs, while input 20 is dedicated to a wireless photocell input. 8 digital outputs are provided from the controller that are used to interface with the Car Park lighting contactors in order to operate the light zones. The outputs are relay type, with changeover contacts in order to provide failsafe operation regardless of how the mains distribution board is wired.


How The Controller Works


Each time a wireless PIR detects movement within the Car Park, a signal is sent to the INSR8OUT masthead receiver. This unit then provides a hardwired 1 second pulse signal corresponding to the activated PIR of 12VDC to an input of the Oracle II controller. The Controller will then, according to the set software algorithm operate the required zone of lighting to be turned on for a period of time (adjustable via dipswitch from 5 to 20 minutes).

A failsafe system within the software code will monitor the frequency of operation of each of the PIRs. Should any, or all of the PIRs fail to operate for an adjustable time period (0-200 hours, set in programming mode) then the lights will be set to turn on.

Each Volt free output can be set to interface to the wireless photocell input such that when there is sufficient outside light, then the perimeter car park bay lighting is extinguished for further energy saving measures.

A volt free input from a keyswitch for manual override will energise all of the lighting when the keyswitch is operated. This is wired for normally closed operation.

A commissioning momentary pushbutton is located on the controller board. When operated for 1 second, the controller is set to commissioning mode and the lights only stay on for 10 seconds once a PIR is activated. This is used for enhanced setup purposes only and the system will revert to normal mode after 20 minutes.

Operation of all inputs and outputs is visible by means of LED indication.



The INSR Repeater is utilised where a radio signal is weak or the signal has to travel a particularly long distance. The repeater acts as a booster for the signal, ensuring that the PIR response is registered at the control system. The repeater is also utilised when splitting an area into subnets in order to increase the amount of sensors available on a circuit. The repeater is set to respond to individual sensors in an identical way to the INSR8OUT receiver.

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